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Related article: Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 23:38:34 -0500 From: Mark Cantrell Subject: After The Caribbean Cruise: Part TwelveThis is a totally fictional story, although it uses the characters from 'Caribbean Cruise' located in the Gay Male/Encounters Section. It is my first attempt at writing a story with a bisexual theme. I hope the readers who followed my previous story will continue to enjoy the sequel, as well as new readers also. Many of the sexual scenes do not portray safe sex, but this is fiction. Just remember...ALWAYS practice safe sex in REAL life.After The Caribbean Cruise: Part TwelveIt had been two days since my delightful visit and Preteen Underage Nymphet sexual romp with the eighteen year old Randy. I had thoroughly enjoyed his youthful curiosity about M2M sex. He had proven to be quite an eager student...And even showed ME a few things.Of course, I had also had sex with his Father the night before. Randy Preteen Underage Nymphet was aware of his Father's interest in men, but Greg was totally ignorant of his hottie son's appetite for cock.Greg had let me know that he and his wife Beth enjoyed a weekly visit from a neighbor and HIS wife back home...Supposedly for a night of poker. However, the only poker that was ever played was 'Strip Poker'.He had told me Beth was aware of his bi side and knew he had talked to her about me. Greg also informed me that Beth might be interested in my Charlie. We had made plans for the coming Saturday, when Charlie was coming over. He was to check with Beth, and I had already got the OK from Charlie.I was lounging around my pool, enjoying a swim. My pool and patio are completely private, screened off from the outside world by a tall fence Preteen Underage Nymphet and shrubbery. I was laying on a float, with a cold beer, when there was a knock at the gate, leading from my patio down to the beach.When I unlocked and opened the gate, I was surprised to see Beth standing there. She was a very attractive brunette, even with no makeup. Her long legs and ample breasts were nicely displayed in white shorts and a red halter top. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a pony tail, and a pair of dark sunglasses hid her eyes."Hello Jordan," She said smiling, "Am I disturbing you?""You most certainly are NOT!" I answered, "Please...Come in." I stood aside as she walked past. Her cute ass wiggled inside the tight shorts and I felt my mouth go dry. "Won't you have a seat? Can I fix you a drink?""Beer would be fine, thanks," She replied in her soft, sensual voice, as she took the offered seat and took off her sunglasses. Her smile carried over into her eyes, which were a beautiful green color.I quickly brought her beer, as well as a fresh one for me. When I handed it to her, she let her fingers trail over the back of my hand, sending chills up my spine.We sat for a while, sipping our drinks. "What brings you over here on such a beautiful day Beth?" I asked. "How did Greg ever let you out of his sight, even for a moment?"Her laughter was light and airy. "Greg has taken the boys to another video arcade. Misty has found some friends her age and they are down the beach.""I'm surprised YOU didn't go with Greg and the boys," I replied."Video games aren't my cup of tea," Beth answered. Preteen Underage Nymphet She was looking at me from under her eyebrows."Actually," She said, "I WANTED to be alone for a while...I wanted to talk to YOU.""Really?" I said with a slight catch in my voice, "What about?"Beth leaned back in her chair, causing her breasts to push the top of her halter out. "Greg has been telling me about your...Friend...Charlie."I took a big swallow of my beer. "Oh? What has he told you?""Let's not be coy, Jordan," She said softly. "I KNOW Greg was here with YOU the other night...I KNOW what went on between him and YOU!"I suddenly didn't know what to say. Beth sensed my uneasiness."I know Greg has an occasional round with guys. I'm sure he told you I like girls too.""Well...I...Err...He..Uhh..." I was struggling to find words.She went on, "He asked me if I would be interested in having a little...'FUN', with you and Charlie this Saturday." I noticed her nipples were hard and pressing out against her top."Since you seem to pretty much know everything...Yes...We talked about it. I called Charlie and SHE is very interested. I described you to her and she said she couldn't wait to meet you.""What Greg DOESN'T know," Beth said,..."Is that I know he also has occasionally had a 'fling' with other women!" It would seem that Greg was pretty unaware of quite a lot about his family."Really?" You haven't confronted him about that?" I asked."Why SHOULD I?" Beth replied, "I've dabbled around a little myself, with MEN."My cock was beginning to stand up and take notice. Beth had crossed her legs and was slowly swinging the top leg back and forth."What I came over here for," She said, "Was to check YOU out a little!""ME?" I gulped, "What ABOUT me?""Well...OBVIOUSLY I know you like guys. What I'm wondering is...Do you have Charlie around to use as 'bait'...To lure guys for YOU?""That's kind of personal, Isn't it?" I said, a little irked by her question.Seeing the irritation in my face, Beth replied "Yes, I guess it is. "The reason I asked is that I find you...Attractive, and I was curious to know if you swung BOTH ways.""Well," I said gruffly, "To answer your question...YES...I like women...Very much! When my wife died a year ago, something died in ME too. I was just going through the motions of day to day living."I felt like I needed to unload a little, so I said, "Meeting four incredible people on the cruise I just got back from changed my whole outlook on life! I found an entirely NEW lifestyle...Sex with guys...AND...Thanks to a wonderful woman...Rediscovered my desire for female companionship. Charlie came into my life a short time ago and I treasure her bed as well as in public."Beth looked shocked at my outburst. "Does THAT answer your question?" I asked."Oh...Jordan," Beth said, almost crying, "I'm SO sorry for being an insensitive BITCH! I've just been hoping you were someone I could maybe enjoy being with. I...I didn't mean to upset you."Her demeanor had changed...She appeared sincerely upset. There were tears in her eyes as she rose from her chair."I..I'd better go," She said, choking back tears, "Please forgive me!"She started for the gate, but I came out of my chair and caught her, spinning her around and holding her."Shhhh," I whispered, "I shouldn't have unloaded on you like that."Beth buried her face in my chest, her arms trapped between us. I could feel her nipples harden at the close contact and my dick stiffened immediately.Feeling the hardness against her thigh, Beth looked up into my eyes. What she saw there, caused her to slip her arms around my neck and raise her lips to cover mine. Her body pressed against mine and I put my arms around her waist.Our kiss intensified and our breathing quickened. One of her hands caressed the curls at the back of my neck as her tongue sought entrance.I opened my mouth and touched the tip of her tongue with mine. My hands moved to cup the firm ass I had enjoyed staring at.She moaned throatily as she ground her pelvic bone against my erection. Her legs opened slightly to allow my cloth covered dick to rub her mound.Beth tore her mouth away to gasp, "Ohhh Yesss...You feel so good...Make love to me Jordan...Please!"My mouth sucked on an earlobe, then slid down the side of her neck. She leaned back as I kissed the hollow of her throat.I brought one of my hands up to cover a heaving breast, feeling the rigid nipple press into my palm."Ahhhhh...God...I NEED you Jordan," She groaned, "I want to feel you IN me."I pulled the loose halter top up over her breasts and fastened my lips to one of her succulent globes. I took as much of it as possible into my mouth and sucked, nibbled and licked the entire surface.Beth's hands were on my shoulder, her fingers digging into the flesh. Her hips were grinding her pelvic mound into my hardness.I switched to her other breast and tortured it the same as it's twin. Beth's knees were shaking and I feared she would collapse.I quickly picked her up in my arms and kissed her tenderly. Her mouth tasted sweet and her tongue roamed the inside on my mouth. Her hand caressed the side of my face.When our lips parted, she whispered, "Take me to your bed Jordan."I carried her quickly, opening the sliding glass patio door with my foot and closing it the same way. Beth felt like a feather in my arms. I made a beeline for the bed and lay her gently down.She pulled the halter over her head and quickly unzipped her shorts. I stood and watched as she bared Preteen Underage Nymphet that gorgeous body for me.She pulled the shorts over her hips and I grabbed the bottoms to slide them over her long legs and tossed them aside.Her white bikini panties were wet with her juices and practically transparent. I could see her dark triangle and the swollen lips of her pussy.I quickly got out of my trunks and knelt beside her. My hands covered her breasts, kneading the firm mounds and thumbing her rigid nipples. Her areolas were a light pink and quarter sized. Her eraser sized nipples were slightly darker, engorged with blood and standing up nicely, begging to be sucked. I wasted no time in taking the nearest one in my mouth and sucking it, nibbling gently with my teeth.My hand moved down to cover her pubic mound...My finger dipping into the wet slit still covered by a thin layer of cloth.Beth's body jerked and she raised her hips, pushing against my finger gasping, "Ohhhh...Ohhhh...Oh Yesss, Jordan...Yesss...Oh God...Mmmmmm."Leaving her heaving breasts, I trailed my tongue over her stomach and she sucked in a deep breath. When I dipped my tongue into her belly button, she squirmed and giggled, "Oooo..That tickles!"Anxious to taste her, I moved down to cover her mound with an open mouth. I licked and sucked her juices through the saturated panties as she squirmed under my touch."Ohhhhhhhhh...GOD," She screamed, " I'm cumming!"I tasted a gush of her juices and I sucked as hard as I could swallowing the sweet nectar as it soaked through her panties. I breathed out against the wet cloth, blowing hot air through the thin cotton and over her pussy.I hooked my fingers in the waistband and slowly pulled the wet garment over her pubes. I kissed and licked every inch of the smooth, slick flesh as it appeared. I nuzzled her pubic hair and ran my tongue through it, dipping into her wet slit.Beth screamed again and her body shuddered. More of her juices flooded my mouth. Every woman tastes different...But I had thought EACH and EVERY one had tasted wonderful...Beth was no exception.I concentrated on licking her slit from top to bottom, circling her swollen clitoris each time I reached the top. Her head was lolling from side to side and her hands were grasping my hair as she pulled my face deeper into her cunt.Finally, her hands started pushing my face away from her dripping cunt. "Oh...S...Stop...Stop...I can't TAKE any more," She said, laughing, "God Jordan...You can sure eat pussy!""When it tastes as good as YOURS does, I can't get enough," I answered as I moved up and kissed her, letting her taste her juices."Let me taste YOU now," Beth whispered, "Fair's only fair, you know.""Sure sounds fair to ME," I replied with a catch in my voice. Beth had just taken my cock into her soft hand and was staring at it lovingly as she caressed it and leaned over to kiss the tip."Mmmmmm," She sighed, grasping it at the base, "I've been dreaming about this." Her lips opened and her tongue circled the sensitive head, while she fondled my balls with her free hand.Her mouth and tongue sent erotic sensations through my cock and I groaned loudly. My hips jerked as she took the entire length into her mouth and began to bob on it.I moaned and groaned as Beth applied her skills toward bringing me the utmost pleasure.When I could stand the exquisite torture no longer, I gently withdrew my dick from her mouth and eased her back onto the bed.She opened her thighs, groaning, "Now, Jordan...I want to feel you inside me...HURRY!"I scooted up between her beautiful legs, staring at the portals of pleasure waiting for me. Her outer lips glistened with her excitement and her clitoris was swollen and protruding from the top of her dark triangle."Don't try to be gentle,"Beth begged, "Take me hard and fast! I'm so hot, I want you NOW!"I positioned my cock at her dripping entrance and shoved into her as hard as I could.She screamed as my hips slammed into her mound with a loud 'Thwack'! "Ahhhhhh...Yesss...Like that Dear Jordan...It's all yours...Take it!"I pulled back and crammed it back in to the bottom. Beth was grunting with each thrust and begging for more. "Yesss...Unnnggh...Oh Yesss...Unnnggh...Give it to me...Don't stop...I can't wait...I'm cummminnng...Mmmpph...Oh GOD!"I felt her juices gush, making our connection wetter and slippery. I pounded her pussy with all I had, rushing toward my own release. I made no effort to hold off...Beth was frantically pumping her hips. Her hands were on my shoulders, clutching tightly. Her long legs had moved up to encircle my waist and her heels beat against my butt, urging me on."Come on Jordan," She hissed through clenched teeth, "Give it to me...Let me feel you cum in me...Ohhhh...Ohhhh...Yesssss!"When her pussy convulsed in another orgasm, I let my own climax take over. I spurted jet after powerful jet of hot cum into her sweet depths."Ahhhhhh...Yes...I feel your cum...Oh...You're drowning me...Mmmmmm...I LOVE it...Yes my Darling Jordan...Give it to me."Our hips slapped together several more times and then I collapsed over her, taking most of my weight onto my elbows and we looked into each other's eyes as our lust slowly dissipated. She looked lovely, lying there...Her hair dishevelled.Beth pulled my face down and her soft lips opened to accept my probing tongue, sucking gently on it. Her arms were still around my neck, and her legs were still locked around my waist, keeping me buried inside her as long as possible.Finally, I slipped wetly out of her and lay down beside her. She rolled over and put her head on my chest. We were both trying to catch our breath."Mmmmmm," Beth cooed, "That was wonderful Jordan...You made me feel so good...God, did you make me cum!""You gave as much as you got," I panted, still out of breath. "Lady...You just fulfilled an old man's fantasy! I've been lusting for your body since I first caught a glimpse of your sexy ass in that bikini, the day we met on the beach."Why Jordan...You Scoundrel!" She giggled. "Well...If THAT had anything to do with what I just experienced, I'm glad you looked."We cuddled warmly for a while, exchanging tender kisses occasionally.Finally, Beth rose and said, "Can I use your shower? Greg and the boys will be getting home soon and I wouldn't want to show up reeking of sex."When she came out of the shower, she had put her shorts and halter back on, and was rearranging her hair into a pony tail.I was sitting on the edge of the bed, gazing at her. She saw my look and flashed me a big smile. She tossed something at me, and I instinctively caught it. It was her panties, still soaked with her juices."Something to remember me by," She laughed, then blushed when I put them up to my nose and inhaled her scent."About Saturday, Jordan," She said in a more serious tone, "I think it would be best if we don't mix partners. Better I just play with Charlie. Greg thinks HE'S the only MAN I fuck. When we get together with Lisa and Brent...Our neighbors back home...It's always Lisa and ME. Greg and Brent usually just watch. Sometimes they join in...But only Greg with me and him with Lisa. A couple of times, I've seen them go down on each other. Poor Greg...Little does he know that Brent has fucked me several times during those trips Greg makes."His family sure was carrying a lot of secrets, but that was their business, and it didn't bother me. I had no regrets about bedding Beth."Also, What happened here today...Between you and I...Let's just keep it...Between US, OK?""OK Honey," I replied. "Mums the word. Anyway...By the time Charlie gets through with you, I doubt you'll have enough energy to worry about it!""Oooooo," She hissed, "The thought is making me WET again!""WELL!" I exclaimed, getting off the bed and walking toward her, "Maybe I should take care of THAT!""Oh NO you DON'T! Keep away from me," She giggled, backing away and fending me off with outstretched arms. "I can barely walk NOW! One more orgasm and I'd have to be carried home on a stretcher.""Oh, I'd be glad to explain to Greg that you bit off more than you could chew!" I teased.Beth was still warily keeping me at arms length, while trying to stop laughing."Let me OUTTA here," She managed to gasp as tears started running down her cheeks. "HOLY COW...I've created a monster! GO AWAY, you sex fiend!"I chased her all the way out onto the patio, catching her just as she reached for the gate. I spun her around and kissed her passionately. Beth returned the kiss with equal ardor."Damn you!" She whispered hotly, "I'm so wet now, I'll have to change my shorts. Unhand me SIR...I'm NOT that kind of girl!""You could have fooled ME," I remarked sarcastically and slapped her cute ass as she turned to go out the gate."Ouch!" She grunted and rubbed her butt as she started down the steps, looking over her shoulder and Preteen Underage Nymphet sticking her tongue out at me. When I made a move as if to chase her, she squealed and took off running. I could hear her musical laugh as she skipped merrily along. What a GAL!End of Part Twelve. Part Thirteen follows shortly. Comments welcome at
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